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Office: (757) 266-1666

              (757) 330-1424

Fax:     (844) 812-6680

Virginia Beach Magistrate Office: Chief Magistrate Thomas R. Cahill. 
The Virginia Beach Magistrate Office is open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, Building 7C, across from the Harris-Teeter Shopping Center off Nimmo Parkway.  A second office is located at the Second Police Precinct, 820 Virginia Beach Blvd., but that office is not always open.  Please call for information on when the 2nd Precinct Office is open.  
Chesapeake Magistrate Office: Chief Magistrate: Philip J. Mann
The Chesapeake Magistrate Office is open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.Email:  Address: 400-A Albemarle Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322

How bail bonds work

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Codes & Regulations

Bail Bondsman

Bail Bondsman Code - 9.1-185 - 9.1-185.18
Regulations Relating to Bail Bondsman - 6 VAC 20-250

Bail Enforcement Agent

Bail Enforcement Code - 9.1-186 - 9.1-186.13
Regulations Relating to Bail Enforcement - 6 VAC 20-260

Local Phone Numbers:

Norfolk Sheriffs Office: 757-664-4700
Norfolk Magistrate Office:757-664-4961

Virginia Beach Sheriffs Office: 757-385-8563
Virginia Beach Magistrate Office: 757-385-1801

Chesapeake Sheriffs Office: 757-382-2850
Chesapeake Magistrate Office: 757-382-6534

Portsmouth Sheriffs Office: 757-391-3199
Portsmouth Magistrate Office: 757-393-8648

Newport News Sheriffs Office: 757-391-3199
Newport News Magistrate Office: 757-393-8648

                            Hampton Sheriffs Office:   757-391-3199
                      Hampton Magistrate Office:     757-393-8648

            Western Tidewater Regional Jail:     757-539-2196
         Western Tidewater Jail Magistrate:    757-514-4301
               Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail:   757-539-2196
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